Certified translation services in France. How does it work? [2017]

Certified translation services in France. How does it work? [2017]

Certified translation services and sworn documents, explanations

Like many french administrative process, getting a sworn translation for your official document follows a strict and accurate successions of required steps.
In order to get a better understanding of this topic you will find hereafter answered the most frequently asked questions about the certified translation services.
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What does certified translation mean?

This article about certified translation will explain the definition of what is an official, a sworn or a certified translation.

What makes a document a certified translation?

Certified translation services have to follow and respect a lot of standards in order to get a document official in a country where it wasn’t published.

Who can be a certified translator?

The first thing to become a certified translator is being a translator ! You need to know well at least two languages well a feel flexible a at ease with them. Then starts the official process with the Court of Appeals in the region where the candidate lives.

How to obtain a certified translation in France?

Learn the fastest way to contact a sworn translator in France. Get more details where and how to get a sworn translation in France.

What does a certified document translation look like?

Does a Certified translation services company own an old fashion seal with its name on it?
Does each document need to be stamped by candle wax before being validated?
What distinguishes a sworn or certified translation from an unofficial one?

One last advice would be to manage your time well. Certified translators often deal with very urgent requests form customers that need an official document translated and sworn for the next day.
You would rather be starting the process a week earlier in order to get everything straight.

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