Where to find a sworn or certified translator in France? [july 2017]

Where to find a sworn or certified translator in France? [2017]

A certified translator is a professional that can be easily find but who is often very busy. We know how urgent sometimes sworn translations can be. By the way we wrote an article about how certified translations services work in France.
Of course the internet provides a great deal of information about translation services.

Some agencies and companies may have their own ‘resident’ sworn translators.

Others may subcontract. A foolproof method is to contact your local District Court and enquire about certified translators.

The fastest way to contact a Certified translator.

To be absolutely sure and to be time-efficient you should go straight to the list on the web-site of the Court of Appeals of the region where you live and look up the list of judicial experts.
That list will contain a lengthy roster of professions from mechanics to pathologists. Translators are usually to be found toward the end. Naturally you have to select the language to which, or from which, the document you need to be translated is drafted.
If the langages you are looking for are English and French feel free to contact me via email or give me a call. I will get back to you quickly.

Every certified translator belongs to a Court of Appeal.

There are 36 Courts of Appeal in France. The Bordeaux Court of Appeal englobes the three administrative subdivisions of Charente, Gironde and Dordogne. Since the official list is updated every year, it is important you choose the right year.
Sworn translators, like all the other experts, can be removed or added. You will find a person accredited to carry out your French to English, or English to French translation under the code and heading :
H-02.01 -” English and Anglo-Saxon languages”

Certified translator from your embassy or consulate

Embassies and consulates may offer a translation service. It may well be that these services will be less personalised and pro-reactive in terms of understanding your needs and necessity of completion deadlines. However you are sure that you will be working with a ratified body and that your documents will be legalised and will probably have an apostil.

This form of certified translation bearing an apostil may be particularly appropriate for documents which have to go through the Home Office or the “Ministère de l’Interieur”. The same may apply to documents transiting the Foreign Office or the “Ministere des Affiares étrangeres”, such as those related to
overseas adoption application.

In France, only certified translators may issue sworn translations

Only sworn or certified translators are allowed to issue sworn translations, and duplicate transcripts of same, as certain authorities might require.
In the United Kingdom there are variations. A translation may be simple, notarized, legalised or sworn, depending on the degree of verification, quality of the verifying authority, etc. There are also web-sites maintained on a national level by official translator organisations and associations. Occasionally you may be in possession of a certified translation which is refused on the basis of it being ‘out of date’. This may apply if you, as a foreigner, want to marry in France for example. The Mayor will insist on the translation not being more than 6 months old. It is the legal procedure and has to be respected.

Should the original translator no longer be on the official list nor willing to provide an updated duplicate, you will have to look elsewhere and provide another sworn translation carried out by another current certified translator. Your local town-hall or constabulary may also be able to supply names of those traducteurs assermentés on the current official list. If posting original documents is not an option, it is best to contact the one who lives closest to you.

Keep learning more about Certified translations in France.

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